Inox Style Semi Professional Kitchens For Your Home

Modular, Flexible, Up-To-Date

Following a constantly increasing demand, we have decided to launch on the market a series of semi professional kitchens for domestic use.

Our kitchens are designed on the basis of our clients’ technical projects. They are realized as a single block and they all have a single, very thick inox steel work plane with no run out; the cooker is integrated in the main structure. In this way cleaning will result much faster and easier.

The Inox Style kitchens are made of inox steel and can be customized with panels made of other materials or with varnished components such as small doors and other parts.

This will confer Inox Style kitchens that sort of professional aspect, expression of quality and design. You will be inevitably exposed tothe envy of other people!

Inside, the body work made of stainless steelwill protect your kitchen over time and cleaning operations will result much easier.

Finally a wide range of drop-in electrical house appliances of the very best brands , will enable you to customize your Inox Style kitchen as you prefer.

We produce kitchens both for indoor and outdoor use, typically with integrated barbecues.
In addition we offer customized solutions for kitchens conceived for boats and yachts (see our photo gallery).

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