Company profile

Scaminox srl has a longstanding experience in the production, designing, supplying and assembling of industrial kitchens, hoods with suctions systems and equipment or kitchens for labs of any kind and hospitals. All our products are manufactured in stainless steel.

Starting from designing to assembling, we rely on our expertise to meet your needs, both in our role as designers and as manufacturers. Our products are constantly updated and our solutions are conceived to render your job and the place where it takes place more efficient, versatile and reliable.

Thanks to the flexibility and experience of our designers, we are able to interpret and materialize any request coming from our clients starting from your ideas.
Our company after so many years of experience gained in our field with the supply of numerous installations and the various collaborations, has realized production lines with customized products, both reliable and conceived for everyday use to be of support in your working sector at the best of its possibilities.

This is the reason why our workshop is provided with so much high tech machinery we use to manufacture more and more functional and innovative products. We also have a large stock of ready-to-deliver products located in our warehouse measuring about 2000mq (about 3000 items).

Another winning card for our company is respect for the environment; it has always been a key value behind our internal manufacturing processes, our products and energy consumption.

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