Fruit and vegetables line

This line includes a series of products conceived ad hoc for the preparation and exhibition of fruit and vegetables.

The main characteristic of these products is their being made of modular components, this enables you to improve the layout in the store or shop relevant section. You will thus be able to renovate it without any further costs.

Preparation: in the Scaminox catalogue you will find specific tables for fruit and vegetables preparation, in addition tospecific trolleysfor conservation in refrigerators cells.

Exhibition: our exhibitor fittings for fruit and vegetables can be arranged in several ways: corner-shaped fittings, against the wall, or in the centre of the relevant section of the store/shop.They can also be inclined as you most like and are all provided with the price tag.

Upon request we provide customized solutions with additional fittings.

Conservation: to this end you will find tables and refrigerating cabinets specifically conceived for this sector.